6 exercises senior should avoid

Physical activities in seniors can help reduce sugar levels, normalize heart rate, and lower the risk of hypertension and other health issues. Exercise is one physical activity that is beneficial to seniors. However, seniors should take proper precautions before engaging in such physical activity. This is because their bodies are more prone to injuries compared to younger people’s bodies. And injuries in an elderly person can take a longer time to heal. 

We have put a list of six common exercises that most seniors used to love doing, yet they now should avoid.

1. Deadlifts

Deadlifts involve lifting barbells off the floor. This type of strength training is not ideal for seniors. Most seniors complain about back and posture issues. Lifting the heavyweights off the ground can worsen the problem. Deadlifts in seniors might cause serious injuries in the back, hips, and shoulders.

2. Long Runs

Running a marathon is not a good idea for seniors. Though it may help improve heart condition, the cost is still too much. Each step pushes the pressure of a person’s body weight on the knee and foot joints. By doing so, it’ll expose seniors to injuries that might lead to mobility difficulties. Seniors can still do other cardiovascular exercises like swimming and walking.

3. Leg Presses

Leg presses are the incline version of deadlifts. Most gyms use leg press machines that carry loads of weight. Exercising on one of these machines can be catastrophic for elderly people. The actions required for doing leg press could cause damage to the lumbar spinal discs.

4. Crunches

Backbones and back muscles become increasingly fragile with age. So doing crunches can be risky for seniors, especially without the help of others. When done incorrectly, crunches can easily cause painful back injuries. And even if done properly, curving an older person’s spine can cause problems. It is advisable that instead of doing crunches, seniors should try other simple core strengthening exercises.

5. Stair Climbs

Marching or running on stairs is a bad exercise for seniors. Stair climbs can cause fall. And maintaining balance is one of the major concerns of seniors. Is not worth the risk since many other exercises target leg muscles.


6. Squats

Squats pose several risks, especially when trying squats with weights. If excessive pressure is placed on the knee, it can damage knee joints. For seniors with balance issues, squats are a bad idea. Squats can easily cause loss of balance and fall over.

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